I am, at heart, firstly creative and secondarily visual.  As a designer, my life revolves around Internet browsers, sheets of paper, postcards, business cards, and the list goes on.  The exploration in my design is finding new ways to push beyond my personal creative boundaries.

Almost regardless of what the pursuit is, I naturally make it my sole objective to achieve the utmost perfection.  Whether it is for logos, posters, layouts, or simply the perfect cup of coffee, I hold deeply the ingrained belief that if something is worth starting; it is worth doing fully and well.  For you, this means that I give great effort and meticulous attention to every detail and larger concept, from the earliest sketches to final compositions. 

I believe in crafting designs with purpose and with equal emphasis given to conceptual development, technical execution, and level of impact. I believe that the people behind the project (the client and the audience) are just as important as the project itself— designs that seek to represent these people and their conversation are more clear, posses more impact, and are simply stronger.

Each client, as a unique individual, deserves a fresh, insightful visual articulation of his or her personal vision—never a mass-produced, mechanical solution.

Keeping integrity at the forefront of my business practices is important to me; I believe that this is the easiest way to best relay the clients ideas to a finalized design.  When a client can trust their designer I believe this is when the most effective and productive jobs can be done.

Finally, I strive to keep my designing process as open and organic as possible, staying open to the ideas and input of the client.  Thus producing work that is intuitive, harmonious and representational of the client, audience, and designer’s voice—this is where designs become multi layered in concept, strong in communication, and innovative in the delivery of these messages.


I enjoy the challenge of translating ideas and descriptions into tangible, effective solutions for my clients and employers alike. My five years of related experience in both graphic and website design have prepared me with skills in utilizing all Adobe suite programs along with various other design software. My design experience was enhanced throughout the education I received while at Azusa Pacific University. Our excellent faculty and strong technical curriculum have provided me with the tools and Christian foundations to be able to quickly acquire new skills and tackle challenging problems. My commitment and dedication led me to receive the best graphic designer of the class of 2011 award along with a cumulative 3.7 GPA.

In addition to my strong graphic design abilities, I work well under pressure even within short deadlines. In my past positions designing full newspaper and magazines publications, multiple held positions as a graphic designer at Azusa Pacific University, managing all corporate design elements, and multiple freelance designing positions, I used my creativity and determination to produce outstanding pieces under

the assigned time constraints. I pride myself on taking the initiative to get the job done right because I believe quality of work is the ultimate prerogative. During the time I served in my positions I received praise for my loyalty and my particular attention to details. I work intuitively and appreciate constructive criticism from my peers and supervisors, which makes me an excellent future team member. Added to this, I have a well-rounded artistic background, including both design and fine art.

For your convenience, I have made my resume and portfolio available at my website. Realizing the limitations of the written page, I would welcome the opportunity to participate in a personal interview to answer any of your questions and better present my qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to
speaking with you soon.

Hello! My name is Troy Estes and I am an independent graphic designer specializing in branding, visual communication, Website design, logo, and graphic creation. I am located in Glendora California and am available for freelance or full time work.

The Goal of Troy Estes Design is to help enterprises and organizations in creating their own trademark and visual identity (logo, branding, etc.), conceiving advertisement products (flyers, signs, catalogs, brochures, space and event design), as well as to reinforce their web implementation (webdesign, web sites, mobile sites, Content Management System, full flash, e-shops, seo google, etc.).

Troy Estes Design
Glendora, CA

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