Spectra Company


This is a complete website redesign done for a historic building restoration company.

Spectra Company is based out of Pomona, CA. and is a prolific member of the historic building restoration industry. After some time of their old website I was contacted about redesigning their website because of its age.

After consults with the CEO and the associate board a redesign style and particular look was decided upon and put into action. I began work in 2010 and in the same year the website was completed.

The HTML website incorporates a Flash intro homepage with JavaScript navigation and an integrated JavaScript image slideshow for their project profiles. The design wanted to revolve around a refined style with a clean tan and gold color scheme. All of the pages were coded and designed by myself and the current version is the 4th version

ACS Logo
ACS Logo
ACS Logo
ACS Logo

Hello! My name is Troy Estes and I am an independent graphic designer specializing in branding, visual communication, Website design, logo, and graphic creation. I am located in Glendora California and am available for freelance or full time work.

The Goal of Troy Estes Design is to help enterprises and organizations in creating their own trademark and visual identity (logo, branding, etc.), conceiving advertisement products (flyers, signs, catalogs, brochures, space and event design), as well as to reinforce their web implementation (webdesign, web sites, mobile sites, Content Management System, full flash, e-shops, seo google, etc.).

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